Beauty Update: The ABH Lip Palette V.I

Hey beauty beans,

Before I really get into this post, I need to do a lil intro, since we’ve never really done this before.

You guys seem to prefer my product reviews, tips and tutorials in video form—which is fine, because I love making videos!

Howwwwever, writing is my passion, so I still need to do *something* on this blog. I ain’t letting fade into the background of Tissdom—I mean, I forked out cash for this domain, after all. You know how it is.

So, amongst other things, I‘m now gonna be posting regular (black-people-time regular, not rest-of-the-world regular) beauty updates—including the tea on new releases! Which brings us to the real topic of this post…

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette V. I

Anastasia and her daughter/protege/all-round-useful-gal Claudia keep us on our toes with constant game-changers. They are usually bang on the money as far as trends go; is this the case with their latest release?


If you follow me on Twitter (which you damn well should, cuz I’m a hoot) you probably saw my “rising and falling trends of 2017” thread. Basically, I discussed the beauty trends that I think will rise… and fall… in 2017… yeah, that explanation wasn’t really necessary, but you know how I be.

One of my predictions is the fall of the liquid matte lipstick. I think that gloss is gonna be hugely popular this year—but you can’t wear gloss everyday. This isn’t actually 1998, no matter how much we might wish it was.

So there’s gotta be something in between, and I believe that that something will be the traditional lipstick. From Urban Decay’s Vice 100 to Kat Von D’s amazing Studded Kiss shades, not to mention Clinique’s latest offerings, there will be *plenty* to choose from if you hop on this hype.

But obviously Anastasia Beverly Hills is not a brand that simply follows trends; they twist them, set them, OWN them. With the Lip Palette V. I, they have immediately offered a cool alternative to bullet lippies.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram

As of last week, you can grab this palette of 18 creamy matte lipstick shades online–which, just to really shake things up, are designed to be combined for custom colours. Yes, Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Lip Palette was created for you to mix and match lippies with your own custom shades in mind.

Now, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of the beauty community’s obsession with ‘lip combos’. Ask a cutie on IG “what lip is this?” And their response will invariably consist of a lip pencil, a couple of lipsticks, and a gloss or topper of some kind.

ABH’s new lip palette capitalises on the fact that MUAs, MUEs, and the average makeup wearer alike all want versatility, customisability and maximum usage from their lip products. This release ticks every box.

I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about the idea of mixing and matching like that? We’ve all been doing it—but the ABH palette is optimised for best results.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram

It comes with a double-ended tool: on one side is a lip brush, and on the other is a spatula for mixing. This is accompanied by a little palette especially for combining shades.

And on top of that, the palette contains not only a range of typical lipstick colours, but six ‘primary’ shades that will really take your custom creations to another level.

I mean, one of the many reasons why liquid lipsticks took off was the fact that they were available in shades you could usually only find at MAC. Suddenly amazingly pigmented and opaque lipsticks in blue, green and purple were at our fingertips!

Well the Lip Palette’s primary colours ensure that leaving liquid lipsticks behind (even temporarily) doesn’t mean leaving bold colours with them. I’ve watched a fair few demo videos by influencers who were sent the palette, and as far as I can tell, the primary shades are of a high enough quality that any bold colours you concoct will offer full coverage.

And honestly, the possibilities are endless. I’m so desperate to get hold of this palette, I’m kinda concerned for my own wellbeing. By the way guys, my 21st birthday is on the 19th of January–and yes that is just a few days from now! Coincidence? I think not.

Of course, the palette is pricey. It’s $48, which is okaaaay for a lip palette with so many shades, and of such great quality–but it’s currently only available from American sites, so once you factor in shipping and customs… Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’ll wait for the UK drop.

So until I manage to get my hands on this, I’ll be eagerly devouring demos and tutorials online like the rest of you guys. But when it is available over here, I will be buying it; because based on ABH’s quality as a brand, the video and photographic evidence I’ve seen, and my knowledge of what the palette offers? I am so, so excited for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, and honestly, you should be too.

Until next time loves!


P.S: let me know in the comments how you feel about these beauty updates? Shall I continue? Talk to me!


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