Mielle Organics Takes Over Treasure Tress: REVIEW

***EDIT: since I harp on about Treasure Tress so much, I got a discount code for those who want to try it out! Use TISS10 for 10% off of your first box ❤ ***

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have scoured the natural-hair-corners of the net in such detail that you know all about products you’ve never seen in real life. 

They sound fancy, they look gorgeous, they have exotic ingredients and create wonderful results on the hair of our siblings across the world. You just… never come across them in real life. They’re too amazing for that. 

Mielle Organics has long been on the list of American Products I’ve Seen On Instagram That I Really Wanna Buy. (And yeah, that list is precisely as long as you’re imagining it to be. Longer, probably.)

So imagine my surprise when I opened this month’s Treasure Tress box to be greeted with the words: It’s a Takeover!

By whom?

Why, Mielle Organics of course. They’re taking over the UK.

Now, if you haven’t seen my video about Treasure Tress, you can click here to check it out.

But the short version is this: Treasure Tress is a UK-based beauty box specialising in Afro hair care for all ages and hair textures. Look no further; the hunt is over. Just order your monthly haircare treasure chest from Treasure Tress and be content.

And let me tell you: I am HELLA content this month.

The September box is filled with full-sized Mielle Organics goodies: enough to wash AND style. There’s the Babassu Conditioning Shampoo, the Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner, the Avocado Hair Milk and the Mint Almond Oil. 

There’s also tons of info on the brand itself, including the black woman and registered nurse who created it, Monique Rodriguez. And have you CLOCKED her HAIR? That alone had me dying to get wash day on a roll and try these bad boys out.


I filmed a tutorial for this Autumn/Winter-friendly protective style using the Mielle Organics products I received, and it’ll be up on my channel soon.

In the meantime, check out my review of these products, and see if their UK takeover is something you want to be a part of…

One huge benefit of washing and styling your hair with products from a single range is that they contain similar or complementary ingredients that work together. The products Treasure Tress sent definitely prove that, with ingredients like babassu, almond and mint overlapping across the range for a cohesive experience.

Another benefit is the fact that similar products will carry the same scent. Usually, a lovely-smelling shampoo is cloaked by whatever follows it–but in this case, Mielle Organics’s scented products worked together to leave me with hair that smells like heaven.

I’m legit bending over backwards to catch whiffs of my own head. I, the girl who never leaves the house, am considering socialising in some manner so that I can stun people with how good I smell. Eat. Me. Except don’t actually eat me, because I will deck you.

Also, my hair looks damn good. So. Three cheers for cohesion, eh?

You may have noticed that the Babassu Conditioning Shampoo and Babassu Oil Mint deep conditioner share the same namesake ingredient. Heard of it? Nah? Me neither, till now, so don’t worry. Basically, it’s an Amazonian palm fruit that nourishes the hair and scalp, and it sounds mysterious and natural enough for me to be onboard.

It turns out, Babassu performs. I’m a fan of the ingredient for sure.

The conditioning shampoo lived up to its name: the light, orange liquid left me feeling fresh and clean, and even foamed up. However, it didn’t strip my pink hair of any dye, didn’t dry out my strands, and didn’t irritate my sometimes sensitive scalp.

And yes, it smells divine. You guys know that I love a good-smelling product. I just want my hair to smell yummy, okay? Is that too much to ask?! I certainly do not think so.


Apparently, the shampoo’s ability to foam without drying is caused by the natural abilities of a naturally-derived corn starch surfectant. Science, kids. Whether you care or not, the end result is a shampoo that performs beautifully using organic ingredients. That’s a thumbs-up from me!

The deep conditioner was similarly impressive. It’s surprisingly thin–not at all close to the mask-like texture I’ve come to expect from a good deep conditioner. In the end, though, it worked out great for me.


This protein AND moisture replenishing product is likely not for those with protein sensitivity, but I adored it.

It nourished my hair, leaving it amazingly soft even after I washed it out and let my curls air-dry. Its thin texture gives it a lot of slip–enough  for some people to detangle, in fact.

Plus, if your hair struggles to absorb moisture from heavier deep conditioners, this will be a serious godsend for you. Yet another win for Mielle Organics.

I used the Avocado Hair Milk to style my hair into a protective updo, and it too had amazing slip. Though it’s a leave-in rather than a traditional conditioner, I was able to freshly comb my mostly-dry hair for styling with the help of this product.

FullSizeRender_1 copy 3.jpg

As well as a ton of other organic, botanical ingredients, it contains aloe vera gel–in fact, that’s the second ingredient after water, meaning there’s a ton in there. Aloe vera is amazing for natural hair.

It essentially contains water, about a billion amino acids–aka lil thingies that add moisture to the hair–and so on and so forth. If you have natural, and thus naturally dry, hair, you want to try some aloe vera gel. And in my humble opinion  you most definitely want to try this hair milk.

It left my hair looking shiny and hydrated, as well as smoothly neat, in my chosen style. And a few days on, without the aid of any more water, my hair is still soft moisturised. I have a feeling that this will be one of my winter favourites!

Though the hair milk can apparently be used as a sealant, I took extra precaution against the cold weather by layering the Mint Almond Oil on top before styling my hair. I learned during the 12 Week Mour Challenge (insert LINK) that my hair absolutely adores almond oil, and that mint works wonders on my scalp.

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Oils tend to be my favourite products because they’re true multitaskers: you can use them as pre-poos; to detangle; mix them in a spray bottle with water for a daily refresh; smooth them over stiff styles to add shine and bounce; seal your hair with them; massage your scalp; anything! 

You know those memes about coconut oil fixing skin problems, hair problems, relationship problems, and filling your bank account too?

The truth is that all oils can be life savers like that. You just have to find the right one, or the right combination. Is the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil ‘the right combination’ in my book? Hell. Yes.

FullSizeRender_2.jpgIn fact, all of the Mielle Organics products in this month’s Treasure Tress box were my ‘right combination’. Everything about this lineup appealed to me, and I can’t wait for you guys to see the tutorial I made featuring these products; stay tuned on that!

So what’s my final verdict? Basically, if this is how they pull a takeover, Mielle Organics can take over my fro any time they want.

See you next time,

Tiss x


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