The Liquid Lipstick Chronicles: How to Find ‘The One’

I’ve become a real liquid lipstick fanatic recently, and the more I spend, the more I… question my grip on my own financial reality?

Oh, wait, no; what I meant to say is, the more I spend, the more I learn! So I thought I’d spread the knowledge and let you guys know exactly what I look for in a liquid lipstick. Bring this checklist along when you’re swatching/trawling through YouTube reviews!

1. Does it dry down matte?

Some liquid or cream lipstick formulas don’t actually dry down fully. Or, even if they do, they aren’t that matte, not performing much better than the regular matte lipsticks we used prior to the Liquid Revolution. Which, frankly, is UNACCEPTABLE!  Ideally, swatches should dry down in 5-7 minutes & be fully—and I do mean FULLY–matte.

2. Is it opaque?

You don’t want a liquid lipstick that dries patchy, splotchy or just plain thin. You shouldn’t need 1728272 layers to stop the colour of your lips peeking through! Particularly as some liquid lipsticks become less and less comfortable the more you layer on.

Watch out for darker colours especially. Formulas can vary across shade ranges, and deep purples, blues or blacks are the most likely culprits when it comes to patchy colour pay-off.

3. Is it comfortable to wear?

Did someone mention comfort?! Well, while we’re on the topic: no-one wants to feel like they have cement on their lips. Or an unidentifiable sticky substance. Or a slightly furred caterpillar.

Make sure that your liquid lipstick feels smooth and lightweight once dry. In some cases, you may feel it’s acceptable to overlook this aspect and spend the night feeling awkward for the sake of a killer matte red lip.

Occasionally, it’s gotta be done—but don’t forget, you’ll pay for it with dry, crusty lips the next day.

4. Does the lipstick wear well?

So, you apply your lipstick, head out the door looking fabulous, spend an hour or two chatting, then open the front camera for a selfie—only to find that your once-smooth pout is now a crumbly, peeling mess. And you haven’t even had a drink yet!

Some lipsticks just don’t wear well. They start out fine, then slowly transform your lips into something resembling Aunty Mabel’s after a plate of biscuits. Check that your swatch dries down smooth and relatively skin-like to the touch in order to avoid this.

5. Is it water-proof, kiss-proof and… Erm… Life-proof?

One thing that has made liquid lipsticks so damned popular is the fact that those suckers just do NOT come off! At least, not in theory.

In reality, though, some formulas will let you down after a mere sip of water. Others, however, will last all night long, if you mind where you put your mouth and remember to use a straw.

And then, of course, there are lipsticks so hardcore that it’s a struggle to take them off at all! (Side note: if the latter sounds good to you, check out my video on Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whips.)

To test this out via swatches, simply head to the bathroom. Once your lipstick is completely dried down, run your (dry) finger gently over it, and see if it smudges. If yes, be wary. If no, it’s time for the next step.

Wet the swatch—yes! WET THE SWATCH. Now swipe. If it smudges, it won’t withstand food, but you’ll be safe to drink with a straw. If it doesn’t? You have a serious winner on your hands. Eat like a Kardashian, avoid greasy foods, and you’ll be flawless for hours.

And that’s that! My completed liquid lipstick checklist. I hope this was helpful, and I’ll definitely be doing more posts and/or videos about liquid lipsticks in the future. I’m amassing quite the collection…

What other liquid lipstick posts or vids would you guys like to see? Let me know in the comments!




4 thoughts on “The Liquid Lipstick Chronicles: How to Find ‘The One’

      1. Either works for me – whatever easier for you. Video would be good to get some YouTube hits cos I reckon it’s a popular topic but that does mean more investment from your side so up to you!


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