Brow-fection with Benefit

“We want our customers to wake up in the morning, see their makeup on the dressing table, and feel… Cute, fun! You don’t have to be boring to be stylish!

This ethos explains why, in a desert of black and white high-end makeup counters, Benefit stands out like a bright, chic and bouncy mirage.

The only difference is that, unlike a mirage, it’s real. Touch it—it won’t disappear! 


The brand’s vintage-glam appeal is matched only by its innovative products and brilliant customer service. In particular, Benefit is known as the brand you can rely on for brow perfection. 

So when I was invited to the John Lewis counter in Nottingham for the launch of their new (or, in some cases, old but improved), brow range, to say I hot-footed it is kind of an understatement!

As with my last visit, I was looked after by the lovely Shadrine, who talked me through the products along with her own personal experience of them.

I got to test them out, check out the new shades, compare formulas and packaging, and generally get the inside scoop. 

So if you’ve been wondering which of the plethora of products is for you, then don’t worry! As usual, I’ve gotcha covered. 

Gimme Brow

This cult fave product is one of a few that has been repackaged and improved, launched alongside brand new products. The tinted brow gel “contains tiny microfibres that adhere to skin and hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition”, according to Benefit’s website.

[image from the Benefit website]
So what’s changed about this old faithful? First, like the rest of the range, it comes in sleek, shiny packaging that’s both convenient and cute.


Second, Shadrine tells me that, like all of the reformulated products, it’s more pigmented and goes on smoother. 

It certainly fulfils its promises so far as taming and tinting brow hair goes. In addition, it’s impressively long-wearing and water resistant.

My favourite aspect is the small, tapered brush that allows precise application, rather than the mascara-like wand some brow gels have that always leads to me looking like a werewolf.

This gel is available in three shades: light, deep, and a brand new medium shade.

Ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Colour

The next product is an all-in-one cream and gel product designed to “fill, sculpt and define” brows with an impressive 24 hour wear. 

The packaging is truly innovative: the product comes in a pot, above which sits a built-in angled brush, which can be converted to full-size for even better control. So essentially, perfect for on-the-go use, takes up little space in your handbag, but performs just like bulkier products!

Here’s my adorable sample-sized version!

This product in particular could give the infamous Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills a run for its money. 

The gel aspect really does its job; once this product dries onto the brows and skin, it is STICKING AROUND, FAM! Ain’t no moving this bad boy!

While I was unable to test its 24 hour wear, since I usually sleep about 12 hours a day (hashtag spoon life), my ka-brows survived over 12 hours, a nap, and a long bubble bath with a single hair out of place. No smudging. No NOTHING. I was extremely impressed with this product’s staying power.

Like most of the products in the range, the Ka-BROW cream gel comes in six shades: light, medium and dark, with two shades per category. So, Light 01 is a warm light, Light 02 is a cool light, and so on. I’m Dark 06; cool-toned, the deepest shade available.


This increase in shade range is due to the brand’s desire to become more inclusive. Like many in the industry, it seems Benefit is finally waking up to the fact that people come in many different shades. We need variety, dammit! And when it comes to this range, we’ve got it.

Goof Proof Pencil

Okay, I don’t want to alarm you guys, but I think this product might be witchcraft. Because it is so good, that within three days of use I, the infamously tight-fisted cheapskate of my family, have made peace with the high-end price tag. 

No matter the cost, I must have regular supplies of this eyebrow pencil. IT IS MY SOULMATE.



True Love. That’s what I’m feeling right now.

Described as a “super easy filling and shaping eyebrow pencil”, this product has a diamond-shaped tip that can be re-pointed by a mechanism in the pencil. The pointed, sharper edges make precision work a breeze, while the thicker, flat face means filling in is a speedy process. Plus, it has a spoolie on the other end. It really is goof proof!

While I love all of the above, what’s really got me hooked on this pencil is the actual formula itself. The colour is pigmented, but not harsh; it glides on with the lightest, smoothest touch. It’s soft, builds easily, and is honestly just an absolute dream to apply. Here’s a recent look I did with it!

IMG_2482 (1)
(BTW: you can find the tutorial for this Pride look on my channel)

Also, like the rest of the range, it has excellent staying power. This product is touted to last 12 hours, and it certainly sticks around for me. It doesn’t smudge, either!

Browvo! Primer

A nutrient-rich brow primer isn’t something I ever thought I’d want. For one thing, my eyebrows are reasonably thick and grow in well. For another, applying primer to my brows has always made them kind of hard to fill in afterwards.

However, Browvo! has converted me. A tiny amount—just one twist—gently brushed through the brows with the soft, brush-like tip, had my brows looking shiny, smooth, and kind of like they’d already been filled in, if I’m honest. Instead of hindering the application of further product, Browvo actually makes my makeup go on smoother! It also extends wear and enhances the look of other brow products.


This product contains keratin and soy proteins, and is intended to help brows look thicker, healthier and fuller. So if brow thickness is something you’re lacking, you should definitely give this a try: it’ll make your brow makeup look better, and it also conditions and encourages the growth of your own brow hairs! Win-win!


Another famous Benefit product, this pocket-sized powder on pomade duo is back and better. Not only does it have fancier packaging, along with the usual mini-tweezer set, the applicator it comes with is now extendable and dual-sided! Yet again this range proves itself perfect for beauties on the move.

[Image taken from the Benefit website]
There’s probably no need to wax lyrical about this, because when I say it’s a favourite I really do mean favourite. My mum has three of these kits on her shelf in the bathroom cabinet, and she doesn’t even like makeup.

She’ll be fit to burst when she tries this improved version, though, and so will you. Like the Goof Proof pencil, the products in this kit apply so smoothly and with the lightest of touches—building up serious drama is a breeze. And, like the rest of the collection, it’s long-wear. You’ll get twelve hours out of this bad boy!

Precisely My Brow Pencil

This ultra-fine pencil kind of reminded me of the NYX Micro Brow at first—teeny-tiny tip at one end, spoolie at the other, you know.

As it turns out, however, Benefit’s offering has the edge. This pencil creates precise fine lines that look more hair-like than anything I’ve used before. On top of that, the product blends smoothly and naturally.

This is definitely a must-have for creating a sharp, defined brow. Plus it’s waterproof, and lasts 12 hours!

Even a careless (and pretty wild) rub of my brows didn’t move this stuff. Why was I rubbing my beautifully-done brows? Because my subconscious loves to sabotage me, obviously. But, thanks to the good gals at Benefit’s lab, Evil Tiss was thwarted. Mwahahaha.

3D BROW Tones Eyebrow Enhancer

Oh, I’m sorry—did you think we were done? NAHHHHH, BENEFIT GOT MORE FOR YA!

Okay so if, like me, you’ve gotta glow 24/7, then you’re going to be SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

The 3d BROW Tones enhancer is basically a highlighter for your brows! No, they won’t look all glittery and gold—this is a tad bit more wearable than that.

Basically, this product will create a highlighted look—as in, that sun kissed summer glam effect—on your brows. It’s especially great for adding extra dimension to thinner brows, and looks great alone or worn with your favourite brow pencil! It comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/deep.


[Image taken from the Benefit website]

This innovative product is subtle but creates a powerful effect—plus the super-sharp wand massively reduces the risk of slapping the product all over your forehead and eyelid. 

Or is it just me who does that with chunkier wands? Anyone? No? Uhh.. yeah, no, me neither. Haha. …Weirdos 🙂

High Brow and High Brow Glow Brow

The infamous High Brow pencil is back with its luminous champagne sister, High Brow Glow Brow.

[Image taken from the Benefit website]
Between this soft, linen pink and its sparkling alternative, there’s a brow-lift-in-a-box for everyone* (*everyone paler than NW35, so, not actually everyone at all, sorry my beans)! This is a brow highlight in pencil form that requires just one swipe to create a highlighted, glowing arch.

I do believe that the champagne shade is a nod to deeper skintones. However, in this case it really ain’t that deep fam. Still, if you’re very light skinned, these products are great!


So what about the Benefit Brow experience?

As usual, it’s next level.

To go with the new range, Benefit staff have a tool specially designed to help them slay your brows. It’s basically the perfect brow measuring tool, and with it they can tell you your precise brow shape, length, and balance. 


They can also map out your perfect brow shape better than ever before! As well as that, they’re equipped to match your brow shade precisely with their swatch stencils. So if you want truly perfect brows, I recommend heading to a counter for your personal matching experience.

So what’s my verdict on the new Benefit brow range?

It’s a yes from me!



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