The Liquid Lipstick Chronicles: L.A. Girl

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been, uh… absent for a while. What can I say? Christmas, closely followed by exam season, along with my birthday = Busy Tiss. But in my absence I have started a YouTube channel! Check it out here for makeup and hair tutorials.

Along with opening presents, revising, stuffing my face and making videos, I have also taken my liquid lipstick obsession to The Next Level. You know how I like to be extra. So this is the first of my dedicated liquid lipstick reviews, but there will be more to come–probably on my channel, but possibly here… I haven’t decided yet!


Today I’m gonna review L.A. Girl’s Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses–which is the extremely long-winded and oxymoronic name of their range of liquid lipsticks. Yikes.

These bad boys come in 16 gorgeous shades, from nudes, to pinks, to reds, to dark berry purples; all bases are covered, which is what we like. No unusual shades yet, but hey, that may come in time.


Despite the wide range of colours, these were difficult to get hold of. Eventually I found some in my local afro hair and beauty shop, but they’re so popular that by the time I cottoned on, only a few shades were left. I wanted Timeless, Secret, Backstage and Black Currant but NONE OF THOSE WERE THERE BECAUSE THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME. Ahem. The bad news is that they’re slow to restock here in the UK–but the good news is that they’re only £3.99! You can also buy them online, though I believe they cost slightly more that way.

It took time and multiple purchases, but I now have three shades: Dreamy, Instinct, and Stunner.

Now, as you can see above, the lip swatches are on a white-skinned model. Is that at all helpful to those of us who are browny-brown? OF COURSE NOT. The shades show up significantly differently on the pasty-yellow underside of my wrist, so expect some variation depending on your melanin wealth. Ahhhh, brown people makeup problems.


As you can probably see from the swatches, rather than being the browny-nude advertised, Dreamy is a pretty pale pink. To be frank, it’s not a good look on me–much too light. But it works when toned down with a brown lipliner! Instinct is a divine reddish-orange that flatters brown skin beautifully and is perfect for spring and summer; it’s my favourite of the bunch! Stunner, the purple shade, is not as deep or vibrant as one might hope. It looks kinda flat and boring, but I’m sure it’ll work with something… and if not, I might mix it with Dreamy and see what happens!

You can also see that the formula differs slightly depending on which shade you have–which isn’t unusual. Dreamy, as well as not being my colour, is the strangest formula. It goes on sticky, making it difficult to layer, and feels like plastic when it’s on. However, the colour payoff is fine, and the plus side is that once your mouth is coated in this stuff, IT’S GOING NOWHERE FAM. NO. WHERE. Feel free to eat some fried chicken, blow bubbles on a baby’s tummy, nip into the ocean for a brazing winter dip, WHATEVER. This lipstick has your back. Just… maybe work up to it, if you’re used to something softer.

Instinct, on the other hand, is slightly less hardcore. It’s by far the loveliest liquid lipstick formula I’ve used so far: it glides on easily; a single, thin layer is pigmented enough to look AMAZING; it has zero transfer and lasts really well–though unlike Dreamy, it doesn’t require a steamroller to remove. This is one of the few liquid lipsticks I’d happily wear somewhere casual and practical, like a day at uni or whatever. It’s extremely comfortable and won’t make your lips look like they’ve been abandoned in the desert for days on end.


Finally, there’s Stunner: as I’ve mentioned, the colour is kind of.. meh. The formula is very good; it’s not quite as magical as Instinct, but it’s durable, comfortable, and easy enough to apply. If Stunner’s formula is indicative of the rest of the shades, then I’d call this range a good one.

So far I’ve only worn Instinct for a makeup look, rather than just to test it out–but boy have I worn it. I really, really love this shade, and once summer hits I probably won’t wear much else.

Enjoy this hazy snapchat selfie x


So what’s the overall verdict?

On the plus side, this range of liquid lipsticks is amazingly well-priced, and has a wide range of shades, some of which are absolutely gorgeous. Out of the three I bought, two have lovely formulas, and they definitely stand out as far as being long-wearing.

HOWWWWEVER: the colours aren’t exactly as advertised due to the use of only one skin tone in the swatches. I’d definitely recommend buying these in person so you can swatch in-store.

I think on the whole L.A. Girl have created a cute, cheap, wearable product, albeit one to approach with care and caution prior to purchase. But crikey me, I wish they had a more sensible name.


4 thoughts on “The Liquid Lipstick Chronicles: L.A. Girl

  1. I am hoping to give this a try. I am absolutely addicted to bubblegum. I know. But it beats street drugs right? Anyway, NOTHING has lasted through five or six times of blowing a bubble. it drives me insane.
    Maybe this brand is the one. Fingers crossed. Thank you for this post. 🙂

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  2. I loved this post! I’ve been wanting to try out the LA girls new lip range as I currently use their concealers and I am a fan of the brand overall! As you said the main difficulty is actually getting the product especially in the UK! Will definately try it out though!


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