H&M Beauty Review

I’m generally very sceptical of clothing manufacturers leaping into other avenues—especially beauty—to follow a trend. I still haven’t tried Topshop’s makeup range for this reason—and also because the girls who work there are intimidatingly fashionable, and I don’t need to be standing next to that in my leggings and enormous coat. (Winter is coming and I have a delicate constitution.)

But when I passed by the new beauty department in my local H&M, I was intrigued. Because it was less an actual department and more a little section, with no indie-stylish people hovering around, I took a minute to peruse and ended up coming away with three products.

The Perfectionist Finishing Powder

The first product was a pressed powder which came, as with all of the products, in classic cream packaging with a gold H&M logo. The powder is actually quite good: it’s silky, a great match for my skin tone, and sets makeup well. It’s also great for blending out harsh lines when contouring and highlighting, and hasn’t caused any reaction or breakouts from my sensitive, spot-prone skin. I’d recommend this as a solid basic for your collection.

hm powder

In terms of shade range, there are two lines of pressed powders, and in this one, my shade was the darkest—which is frankly ridiculous. It’s also named ‘Chestnut’ despite not being very chestnut-like.

In the other range, however, the darkest powder is also named Chestnut (!?), and is actually a chestnut colour that would work well for darker skin tones. So, while the shade range across H&M’s beauty department isn’t all I wish it was, they’ve delivered with their pressed powder at least—even better than a lot of established high street brands.


The Halo Illuminiser

I also bought their cream illuminator, which is lovely; it creates a beautiful, blendable highlight stands out effectively on my skin. When mixed with foundation, it adds a wonderful glow.

hm illuminator

 A sticker indicating each product’s colour is included on the packaging, and I chose the shade Champagne Gold–though the sticker was pink. I just kind of looked at the name, looked at the baby pink sticker, and assumed the sticker was wrong, which it was. So maybe don’t judge by those stickers. It’s a beautiful colour, though!

hm illuminator swatch
It really is, uh.. illuminating


Overall, I would again recommend this product, especially if you’re looking for a liquid highlight that won’t break the bank.

The Eye Colour Palette

I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, so the final product I bought was the eye palette in Twilight and Rose.

hm palette

It was the best of the three palettes offered on the shelf—but it’s still pretty boring. I think the colours are definitely geared towards pale skin, or maybe just cool undertones. Or old ladies. One of those.

Still, I managed to get a couple of decent looks out of the palette. Not decent enough for me to leave the house, but ya work with what ya got, you know?

It was a pretty concept for a palette, twilight and rose, happily with a few neutrals thrown in too. However, the pigmentation wasn’t great. The colour payoff was… Poor, really. A combination of light skin and elbow grease is probably needed to really work this palette. I had to use my white NYX jumbo eye pencil as a base, and the colours were still dull and barely there. I won’t be purchasing again.


Altogether, the H&M range is worth checking out.

It’s certainly far better than I was expecting, but it definitely needs to up its eyeshadow game—and, like most high street brands, a better range of shades wouldn’t go amiss in the foundation section.

I wasn’t able to purchase a foundation because (AS USUAL) while there were 3568864 different versions of pale, the darker products were limited. Honestly, how hard is it to make brown foundation? Not very, I bet.

However, there were a few other products that looked promising: the enormous range of lipstick, the nail varnishes, and the brushes. I might check those out at a later date.

Sooooo, BASICALLY: if you’re looking for decent pressed powder or a great liquid highlight at a reasonable price, take a trip down to H&M. Otherwise, maybe stay in bed.

Until next time!

Tiss x


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