Liquid Exfoliators: the Key to Perfect Skin?

Liquid exfoliating is the latest skincare trend, apparently able to treat everything from acne, to hyperpigmentation, to wrinkles—and even if your skin is perfect, they’ll give you that extra glow. Apparently.

But what exactly is a liquid exfoliator?

The simple explanation is this: liquid exfoliators are acids that treat the skin at a deeper level than your average scrub. They’re effectively a cheaper, gentler peel—so gentle that they can be used at home multiple times a week, supposedly leading to faster results.

Eight weeks ago, I ordered two liquid exfoliators from Bravura London, a family-owned skincare company, in the hopes of eliminating my final obstacles on the road to flawless skin. I’ve cleared up my acne and most of my scarring (read how here) but I still have some hyperpigmentation scars, blackheads, and open pores. Did Bravura London’s liquid exfoliators fix my face? Read on to find out. (Ooooooh, the suspense!)

Out of the three liquid exfoliators offered on the Bravura London website, I chose the 10% lactic acid (infused with rose) and the 10% glycolic acid (infused with lavender).


Of the lactic acid, the website says:

“Lactic Acid has been known to help the following conditions

  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Blotchy pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation (this product won’t help chloasma, melasma or vitiligo)
  • Fine wrinkles

…Lactic acid is a milder exfoliator, it’s also a humectant which means it helps the skin to retain moisture. Lactic Acid is the best choice if you suffer with dry or dehydrated skin.”

Does that fit my skin type? No. Did I buy it? Of course I did.

bravura 2
Image from


Well, it is pink.

But really, I bought it for two reasons: firstly, because it was the gentlest option, I thought it might ease my sensitive skin into the whole ‘acid’ thing. Secondly, because I wanted to see how accurate the descriptions and usage recommendations were. (I do this a lot—like when I bought the Sleek Face Form palette in dark to see if it was actually dark.)


The second exfoliator, glycolic acid, is described thus:

“Revive and revitalise your skin with our fabulous At Home chemical exfoliator. Our unique new formulation is infused with extracts of lavender and can be used 3-4 times a week giving far superior results to a peel used once a week. It helps to fade hyperpigmentation from sun damage or acne, reduces the appearance of fine lines, exfoliates dry skin without being abrasive and reduces acne breakouts.”

bravura 1
Image from


I purchased this as, according to the Bravura website, it was the most appropriate for my needs and skin type.

The exfoliators arrived together in good time, well packaged to ensure that the glass bottles weren’t damaged in transit. I actually dropped both the bottles as soon as I opened the package—yeah, I really am that clumsy—and they survived! So if you’re awkward like me, I wouldn’t worry too much.

They cost £9.59 each for 30ml, and only a few drops are needed per application, so they’ll really last you. The bottles include a pipette built into the lid, which makes application a breeze. Also included is a leaflet with strict instructions on how to use the products, and what to use them with—plus space for the user to keep track of what they’re using when.


The website mentions that, while fingers or other tools can be used to apply the product, Bravura also offers brushes (£3.48 each) specifically for that purpose which provide a more even application. Did I buy them? Of course I did.

Over my time using the products, I tested out a few methods for application, and I think they’re right—the brushes are best. However, if you can’t purchase the brushes too, you could use a paintbrush or even just your fingers.


I began my experiment with the lactic acid, my intention being to ease myself in.

…Not much happened. Well, at least not at first. After a week of use, I noticed that my skin felt a little softer to the touch. While I was pleased to see a change, and even more pleased that nothing terrible had happened (like, you know, me burning my own face off), I decided to hurry on to the product that was actually aimed at me: the glycolic acid.

post bravura light makeup

Guess what I’m not wearing in this pic? Foundation or colour corrector.

Guys, when I tell you this stuff BLESSED my face… I’m not even exaggerating.

After a SINGLE use I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. Was this wishful thinking? I thought so—until the next day, when my boyfriend interrupted one of my rants about David Cameron to stroke my face and pronounce it “all soft and stuff”. He’s not the type to go around stroking faces either, and he usually knows better than to interrupt when I’m annoyed.

By the way, I’m not getting paid for this. It is a practical joke, either. This is NOT drill, people.

After a month of use, the blackheads that have covered my nose since adolescence, and that no face mask has ever fully budged, were gone. Similarly, the tiny bumps and open pores in my inner cheeks were noticeably reduced.

As for my hyper pigmentation scarring: my more minor scarring doesn’t seem to have been affected—at least, not that I can tell. However, I’ve noticed a slight lightening of my most major scar, which I’ve had for almost two years now.

As you can see in the photographs, it’s already less noticeable since I started using the glycolic acid.

So what’s my verdict? I have a few things to say on this product: firstly, I’ve found Bravura to be a trustworthy brand with great customer service and effective products. Secondly, TAKE THEIR ADVICE and follow ALL instructions to get the best results from these products.

And thirdly?

TRY THESE PRODUCTS. Seriously. Get yourself into their website, watch their explanatory videos and read their product descriptions to find your perfect formula, then reap the benefits. I know how tough insecurities about your skin can be, so when I find something that works I want EVERYONE to try it. I took the chance, and now my skin is better than it’s ever been.

So, are you going to give liquid exfoliators a try? Are you already a fan? Or are you sceptical? Hit me up in the comments or let me know on IG: @naturallytiss



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