NYX Haul & Review

As UK makeup lovers will be well aware, NYX IS NOW STOCKED BY BOOTS ONLINE!

If you’ve spent as many hours lusting over NYX products as I have, you’ll understand my excitement. You’ll also understand why I immediately ordered a pretty respectable haul–screw Christmas; a girl has to prioritise in such situations.

I’ve now used my purchases enough (cough, every day cough, cough) to let you guys know what I think, and whether this brand is really worth the hype.

nyx haul

Though I bought seven products, they didn’t actually set me back too much. NYX is very much a drugstore brand, despite being used and loved by MUAs and beauty gurus thanks to its high quality. So you can experience a product or two without breaking the bank!

I bought four Soft Matte Lip Creams (£5.50 each), their Dewy Finish Setting Spray (£7), their Gel Eyeliner in Black (£7.50) and their Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, or, y’know, white, to us plebs (£5).

I absolutely adore the Lip Creams. If you are interested in the liquid lipstick trend, but not yet ready to commit, try these first–they last much longer than regular lipstick and deliver a more matte finish, but unlike liquid lipsticks they don’t require a small army to remove.

I decided to choose basic colours: a pink, a dark, a red, and a nude. To that end, I bought Ibiza, Transylvania, Morocco and Stockholm.


I am loving them! They smell divine, kind of like a dessert, and go on smooth. Despite drying matte they don’t cause flaky lips, and the colours are pigmented enough to go over my naturally brown-tinged lips with 1-2 coats.

I only have two things to moan about: firstly, you only get 8ml of product, which isn’t a huge amount–but then they seem like they’ll last. Secondly, the darker colour, Transylvania, can take a little extra artistry when applying. Its formula appears to be slightly drier than the others.

On the whole, though, I’m happy, and I’ll definitely be buying more.


Next up is the eyeliner.

The gel liner is absolutely amazing. I’ve never had much luck with gel liners, but NYX have converted me! It’s creamy and pigmented, slides on like silk, and makes creating the perfect wing a breeze.

The Jumbo Eye Pencil is similarly excellent. I chose white for my lower lash line, and to use as a base for bright eye shadow. This pencil performs both jobs well; it brightens up my eyes on the lower lash line, and smudges out into a pearly white base on my lid.

nyx eye pencil milk

Now, some have been a little confused by the packaging. It seems like one of those pencils that you can’t sharpen, but that also don’t twist up like auto-liners. However, this pencil can be sharpened! You just need a jumbo sharpener, which you can get from Superdrug, Boots, or a similar store for a decent price. NYX even sell one!

Finally, the setting spray. Here I had two concerns: one, does it set makeup? And two, does it create a glowing, dewy finish?

Well, after having beer thrown in my face (don’t ask) I can say with confidence that it sets makeup even better than I expected. Although my non-waterproof mascara was gone.

I’m very pleased with the product’s finish, too. Below are my results on Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse, plus loose powder. Judge for yourself if it’s dewy enough for your needs, but it definitely is for mine.


nyx spray effect
I’m also wearing the lip cream in Morocco and the Jumbo Eye Pencil here 🙂

So in conclusion, my NYX haul was well worthwhile–and boots.com will definitely be seeing more traffic from me. I’d recommend any of these products, but especially the Soft Matte Lip Creams and the gel liner. What products have you tried by NYX? Hit me up in the comments or find me on IG: @naturallytiss!



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