Tips and Tricks for the Lazy Natural

Short on time? Zombie apocalypse? Generally lazy? Not to worry! I gotchu x

  1. Need to dry your hair but can’t use heat? Buy a fan! Turn it on ‘high’, sit in front of it for a while with damp hair and get a sped-up air drying effect
  2. Want to distribute product evenly and minimise frizz? Invest in a Denman brush!
  3. No time to sit around for an age deep conditioning? Put a plastic cap over your treatment, wrap it in a t-shirt and blast it with a hairdryer on medium heat for ten minutes
  4. Unplanned sleepover at your white friend’s/bae’s/relative’s house? Mix conditioner and olive oil; dampen/steam your hair in the shower and spot treat dry or misshapen areas with the mixture!
  5. Wash day comes around and you’ve run out of styling products? Leave in your conditioner and braid or flat twist your hair
  6. Treated your hair terribly and put off washday for two weeks, but still have to leave the house? Just wrap your hair up in a cute scarf, put on some hoop earrings and bright lipstick, and remember to walk like you own the joint!
  7. Front of your hair getting in your eyes? Fold the first few inches back on itself and grip it into place

And there you have it! 7 steps to make caring for your natural hair (or not, as the case may be… tut tut) simpler!


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