Sleek’s 24K Gold Collection: The Gold Standard I-Lust Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sleek recently brought out a new range named the 24 Karat Gold Collection, which features The Gold Standard i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette, a Highlighting Palette available in ‘Midas Touch’ and Glitter Me Lip Gloss in ‘Money Talks’, ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Private Jet’.

All of the items are limited edition, and I am fully lusting after the Glitter Me Lip Gloss in ‘Money Talks’ and ‘Private Jet’, but I’ve managed to hold back from splashing the cash.

However, I just couldn’t resist The Gold Standard palette. I know, I know! BUT IT’S LIMITED EDITION. We have to grasp our chances at happiness with both hands before they fly away… or something. Whatever, I bought it and I have NO REGRETS.

I own three of the wonderful i-Divine Sleek palettes already, and they’re aptly named—they really are divine. Sleek is one of my absolute favourite makeup brands because all of their products come in shades to suit brown-skinned makeup lovers, and their eyeshadow and blush palettes are pigmented enough to stand out beautifully on darker skin tones. This palette had a lot to live up to in my mind, but thankfully it didn’t disappoint.

Sleek’s i-Divine palettes offer twelve gorgeous powder shades for £7.99, an absolutely unbelievable price considering the quality and quantity of the product. The new i-Lust palette, despite being limited edition, upholds the proud Sleek tradition of great makeup that doesn’t cost the earth, at £7.49 for six shades.


The palette is slim, narrow and compact, perfect for slotting into your bag or purse on the go, and its black and gold exterior is tasteful and elegant. As is usual for Sleek, it holds a mirror and a free brush—this one has a sponge at one end, and a small paintbrush-like tool at the other. The brush isn’t exactly amazing, but hey, it’s free.

There are four powder shades, along with two luxurious cream shadows—hence the sponge/paintbrush combo. The product description claims that “This gorgeous range of opulent gold, bronze and champagne shimmer hues and will take you through the festive season and beyond… create subtle and sexy eye looks perfect for every occasion”.

(Yeah, I was kind of so excited that I used it before I remembered to take a picture… but what a ringing endorsement, amirite?)

The shades are indeed opulent—they really live up to the palette’s name, The Gold Standard, being highly pigmented, wonderfully formulated and easy to blend. The powders are buildable with a great shimmer, while the cream shadows are truly luscious, silky and rich.

The first shadow is Laurent, a deep, glittering maroon; the second is Coco, a coppery-bronze perfect for autumn and sexily subtle on brown skin; the third is Margiela, a cream shadow in a dramatic, frosted gold shade that reflects the light enchantingly. Next up is Vera, a glimmering gold powder; the fifth is another cream shadow, Louis, a pearlescent, silvery shimmer; finally, we have Vivienne, Vera’s brighter, clearer sister, a sort of nude gold. If these shadows sound unbelievably glamorous, it’s because they are.

Swatches (L-R): Laurent, Coco, Margiela, Vera, Louis, and Vivienne.

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I. LOVE. THIS. PALETTE. Where has it been all my life, please? Answers on a postcard? Let me know.

The combination of dramatic darks, angelic shimmers and neutral shades with added sparkle makes this palette a true day-to-night product, an investment perfect for the party season this winter and beyond. Want to brighten up a dull autumn day? Use The Gold Standard. Need to slay at a Christmas of NYE party? This palette is here for you. And when spring and summer roll around and you want to celebrate the sunshine, this palette’s golden shimmers will have your back. This is a serious must-by!

Check out the look I created with this palette below. I wear Vivienne as my brow highlight, Laurent in my crease, Coco on my lid, and a combination of Vera and Margiela on my inner corners. Yep; I really put this palette to work.

(Side-note: I’m planning on starting a Youtube channel soon and considering filming a tutorial on this look. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!)

So, for perfect packaging, beautiful shades, amazing versatility and a great price, I highly recommend this product! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the collection; if this is anything to go by, it’s gonna be goooooood.

*NOTE: This post was first published on the 28th of October 2015*


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